Twitter’s new Middle East news curator posted glowing praise for hate preacher Louis Farrakhan

Twitter recently announced Fadah Jassem as the MENA Editorial Curation Leader, The editorial curation team at Twitter does not produce original reporting. Instead, it curates moments, which are a collection of articles tied to a specific region or event. According to Twitter, curation teams find and highlight great Tweets.

We examined her tweet history after she included all the flags from the MENA area, apart from Israel, and found some extremely disturbing tweets.

Jasem’s posts come amid ongoing concerns about the objectivity of social media news coverage, a major news source around the world.

Israel, according to a tweet from September 2010, was not born but “dropped like a bomb in the middle of Palestine.  Yet another tweet appears to support antisemitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has complained that the U.S. supports Israel.  

Ms Jassem tweeted about Israel in 2011: “They need to arrange another puppet before this puppet leaves.  Israel is shitting itself. US needs its billion $ investments to pay off.”

Another of Fadah’s wild claims was made in a tweet from 2010, which states “Jesus was a Palestinian. Bethlehem is in Palestine, Merry Christmas and also Free Palestine”

Twitter has not reacted to their new hire’s bigoted views, and we were blocked immediately when we asked for Fadah’s views about her tweets.


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