Unmasked: ‘anonymous’ fake Jewish Twitter account @JillGore8 is a known antisemite who claims to be a member of the Labour Party

There is an unfortunate phenomenon on social media of non-Jews pretending to be Jewish to promote antisemitic discourse and “Jew-wash” hatred of Israel. By doing so, they think to shield themselves (and others) from accusations of antisemitism, effectively wearing an “antisemitism cloak”.

According to our research, one Twitter user who concocted a false Jewish identity specifically to deny the extent and seriousness of antisemitism within the UK Labour party and push views contrary to those of most Jews is “Jill Gore” @JillGore8*. She also supported Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader who cannot differentiate between anti-Israel views and antisemitism.

People became very suspicious when “Jill Gore,” who was unknown to the Twitter Jewish community, and appeared to have no connection to it, popped up claiming to be Jewish and speaking against the substantial majority of UK Jews. People questioned “Jill Gore’s” identity while she called those who questioned her claim “right-wing” “extremist” Jews.

Using open-source intelligence (OSINT), we have now identified the individual behind that account; Reem Maria Perysinakis or Mary Perysinakis. Our investigation did not find independent corroboration for Perysinakis’ Jewish identity claim, but we discovered evidence of her Iraqi heritage and that she attended a Catholic school in Bath.

Perysinakis appears to not be telling the truth about her ancestral origins and her claims that she is Jewish appear to be unfounded. She appears to have created a fake profile and adopted a Jewish identity as a way to shut down complaints of antisemitism.

Furthermore, Perysinakis promoted Holocaust inversion, Nazi analogy, and antisemitic conspiracies on her previous Twitter account.

Perysinakis continues to spread antisemitic  conspiracies, stereotypes, and terminology under the “Jill Gore” pseudonym.

Additionally, she claims to be a member of the UK Labour Party. We encourage our readers to file a complaint regarding her conduct on social media with UK Labour.

*Perysinakis changed her Twitter name and username (handle) to JustSara and @Gore8Sara respectively (18-01-2023)

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