Violence and antisemitism endorsed by Tampa General Hospital employee Lexi Rockwell

Lexi Rockwell is an Environmental Services Aide working at Tampa General Hospital (TGH).

Lexi is also an unrepentant Holocaust inverter who portrays Israelis, Zionists, and Jews as Nazis and Hitler (Yimakh shemo) fans. Furthermore, she frequently subjects Jews to antisemitic abuse using the “Zion*zi” slur.

On Twitter, Lexi self-identifies as a Jew to shield herself from accusations of antisemitism and defend others from same. In 2020, Lexi decided to become Muslim and took the “shahada.” The former head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Florida chapter, Hassan Shibly, facilitated her conversion to Islam.

The screenshots below show Lexi Rockwell asserting that “Zion@zi terrorists” are “repeating history of the Holocaust.” Comparing Jews/Israel to Nazis is a lazy immoral comparison, and always antisemitic.

In addition, Lexi is spreading the vile antisemitic lie that Jews are milking the Holocaust for their own gain. Also, she promotes an old conspiracy theory that Hitler (Yimakh shemo) was Jewish.

A few examples of Lexi Rockwell’s hateful messages and tweets that violate IHRA’s definition of antisemitism are as follows:

  • Misrepresenting the Talmud and promoting antisemitic tropes
  • Comparing Israeli Jews to Nazis and ISIS terrorists, and falsely insinuating that Jews of killing children out of malice
  • Denying Jewish indigeneity to Israel – DNA evidence shows that the vast majority of Jews have Middle Eastern genetic markers, and that Jews originated there
  • Denying Jewish self-determination
  • Supporting the destruction of Israel and the expulsion of the Jews

Lexi seems to endorse violence in the form of an “Intifada”, an armed uprising, against “Jewish terrorist-Nazi empire.”

Lexi Rockwell appears to be a vulnerable person who is easily manipulated and influenced. Clearly, she has been radicalized and shows a propensity toward violence, especially to Jews. Having access to patients in a hospital in a traditionally large Jewish community makes her dangerous in our opinion. In addition to reporting her to her employer, we will ask other US-based organizations to do the same.

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