John McKinnie, Senior Global Optimisation Manager at Vodafone UK

Senior manager at Vodafone UK caught spreading antisemitism

Earlier this year, we identified the person tweeting antisemitic abuse under the pseudonym of “Cubit Sikorsky” as John McKinnie, Senior Global Optimisation Manager at Vodafone UK. We digitally archived the offensive tweets, forensically linked the Twitter account from where the antisemitic tweets were sent to McKinnie, and submitted a formal complaint of hateful conduct to the head of Vodafone’s Social Customer Experience & Engagement.

McKinnie’s Twitter account has since been deactivated and his LinkedIn profile page  is no longer public or has been deleted.

John McKinnie is allegedly also a member of the UK Labour Party and a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. Here is a selection of antisemitic tweets that breach the IHRA Definition on Antisemitism on many levels:

Tweets referring to Jews and their supporters as “virus” and “psychos”

Stereotyping Jews and mocking our traditional dress

Asserting that allegations of antisemitism are a scam

Trolling prominent Jewish Twitter accounts, targeting the chief Rabbi with abuse, and promoting the false and antisemitic apartheid narrative

Vodafone initially confirmed that the captured tweets were in breach of their policies and promised a full investigation. We recently wrote to Vodafone inquiring about the status of our complaint. This was their response:

“Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of Vodafone UK and is very important to us.  There’s formal and strategic work we are doing to build an inclusive culture, we’ve got some fantastic employee-led Diversity and Inclusion people networks across the business.

We do not tolerate any discrimination. I’m really sorry but I wouldn’t be able to comment on any internal investigation or specific cases.”

McKinnie hasn’t apologised for his antisemitism, but we hope that Vodafone took action. 

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