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Well known inspirational Quote Website “QuotesGram” promotes Holocaust denial and antisemitism to boost “happiness”

QuotesGram is a popular Web service that hosts its own organised collection of “motivational and famous quotes”. The Website title reads “QuotesGram. Get Motivated in the Pursuit of Happiness”.

A casual search for a nice image for a family friend led us to the “Jewish Happy Birthday Quotes” on the QuotesGram’s Website. To our horror, this specific collection also contained an antisemitic meme.

Whilst searching through QuotesGram’s “library of quotes”, we discovered quite a few Holocaust denial and support for Hitler (Yimakh shemo) memes, antisemitic tropes and other antisemitic graphics and text, many appear to have been sourced from far-right, white nationalist or neo-Nazi Webpages and blogs.

Holocaust denial / distortion

This photo of slave laborers at Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp after liberation on 16 April 1945 was manipulated by the New York Times and is used in conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial propaganda. The original photo with the man standing on the right is available from the National Archives. A a detailed history is also available at Fotoarchiv Buchenwald.

Support for Hitler (Yimakh shemo)

Holocaust inversion

Portraying of Israeli Jews or Zionists as equivalents of Nazis is extremely offensive, morally and historically false, and in any context always highly antisemitic.

Antisemitic tropes and anti-Jewish racism

White supremacist and antisemites use these and similar false allegations and conspiracy theories to portray the Jews as malicious and harmful people.

We made several attempts to contact QuotesGram but we have had no response.

This is how antisemitism is being mainstreamed.

A forensic review of QuotesGram Website and analysis of the domain registration information and hosting details revealed the identity of QuotesGram’s Ukrainian owner; Yuri Zakha / Lanikai Tech (lanikaitech.com, seems defunct).

Please join us reporting quotesgram.com for abuse to the registrar and Web hosting providers; DreamHost by email & Cloudflare via this Web Form.

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