What a surprise Twitter has suspended our account again!

Hello everyone, we have once again been suspended from Twitter.  We will keep exposing antisemites through our blog and via Facebook and Instagram.  The haters may be temporarily ecstatic, but they shouldn’t get too excited because we have many more exposes to come!

 Here’s some background to our suspensions:

We were suspended in February 2018 for using a Star of David as our Avi, we were reinstated and Twitter apologised.  Further information here:

Following a second suspension in April 2021, again Twitter apologised and reinstated us. Some info here:

We have now been banned for Twitter’s previous errors in suspending us! You couldn’t make it up!

In our work as Jews exposing antisemitism, we have a big cross on our backs from the crank left, far right, Islamic extremists, and Neo Nazis.  Sadly, Twitter moderators are notoriously ill-informed when it comes to antisemitism, so we are the target of a great deal of malicious reporting. 

Similarly to previous suspensions, we have instructed lawyers and appealed our suspension, but unfortunately we cannot share more details about our plans as these discussions are still in progress.

You can contact us using the form here and if you want to support us, it is needed more than ever, please donate here or consider buying some merch.