We are GnasherJew, a group of experienced online investigators who expose Holocaust deniers and antisemites around the globe. We are the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and victims.

No longer are Nazis hiding out in bunkers and evading capture, social media has given antisemites an easy way to spread their antisemitic poison behind fake profiles and anonymity. We are the ONLY Jewish organization using advanced open source intelligence (OSINT) research techniques to expose these perpetrators and hold them accountable for their hate.

One of our major accomplishments has been documenting how widespread and serious the antisemitism problem was within the UK Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. Additionally, we provided our research and evidence to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which found the Labour Party guilty of illegal discrimination against Jews.

We recognise the importance of challenging bigotry and hatred through education, but antisemites rarely change their views.  Our goal is to ensure that individuals in senior and high-profile positions feel the consequences of their hatred, by publicly exposing them.

Every day, we monitor social media, research stories, and verify information. Our efforts are voluntary, but all of this takes time and money. If you would like to assist us in fighting antisemitism, you can make a donation here.


Our extensive documentation of antisemitism within the UK Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn was widely considered as the key source of antisemitiism allegations.


In response to information that we gathered during our research into the antisemitism problem within the Labour Party in the UK, we made submissions to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, which found the Labour Party guilty of illegally discriminating against Jews.


We take an active part in the organization of campaigns. A few examples include a billboard highlighting the extent of antisemitism within the UK Labour Party, which was displayed outside Parliament, and a 48-hour Twitter walkout to raise awareness of the spread of antisemitism on social media.

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Over the years, we have reported on thousands of antisemitic incidents perpetrated by people from all walks of life, including high profile individuals, members of Parliament, councillors, and candidates for public office.

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With the help of our media contacts, we were able to expose hundreds of antisemites, on numerous news platforms.

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Thousands of antisemitic images and posts were removed from social media platforms through our efforts.

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