Yet another verified Twitter account, Jeff Wyatt, is using Twitter’s “trusted account” privileges to spew vile antisemitic vitriol

Jeff Wyatt is a guitarist and songwriter who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and he uses his twitter account to spread Holocaust denial. 

Jeff claims to be an “anti-Zionist” and supports the Palestinian cause strongly.

The problem is that he is actually an antisemite like most “anti-Zionists”. Furthermore, he uses antisemitic language similar to that of Nazi Germany against Jews.

However, despite Jeff’s relentless antisemitism, Twitter still thinks he was a good candidate for a verified account.

The fact that Twitter is not being sanctioned for spreading hate speech is utterly disgraceful. The British government and others seem to keep talking about this online hate crimes law, but we have not seen any action yet.

Inciting and promoting hatred against any identifiable group is illegal in Canada (Criminal Code Section 319), we will make certain that Jeff is reported to the relevant Canadian authorities.

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