Antisemitic Internet bully

Mohamed el Shorafa is a self-described “Palestinian Advocate” who seems to be using his Twitter account to target and bully Jews online, spread antisemitism, and whip up hatred against the Jews.

In May, el Shorafa shared a video promoting classic antisemitism and centuries-old blood libel. Here are a few frames from this horrendous video.

Similar to Nazi propaganda in the 1930s, Mohamed el Shorafa also shares antisemitic lies about Jewish religious texts to vilify Jews and Judaism.

El Shorafa promotes Holocaust inversion as well as Nazi analogies on social media too. Nazi comparisons are false, immoral, and always antisemitic.

Additionally, Mohamed el Shorafa compares the notion of Jewish self determination “Zionism” to “religious Mein Kampf”, “poison of this planet”, and to “mental illness”.

Mohamed el Shorafa appears to have genocidal fantasies as well.

Normally, we would not bother blogging about grubby Jew-hating no-marks hiding behind the cover of “anti-Zionism”, but after having exposed el Shorafa on Twitter, he objected to us displaying screenshots of his own tweets, and asked his followers to “cancel” our account. This antisemitic Internet bully deserves to be remembered.

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