Leeds Uni Teaching Fellow who failed student for not blaming Israel in essay has a history of antisemitism and extreme anti Israel bias

The Jewish Chronicle revealed that a Jewish Sociology student intends to sue Leeds University for wrongly giving her a fail mark on an essay because “it didn’t blame Israel”.

Claudia Radiven was named as one of the essay’s markers. We examined her social media output. We discovered tweets and posts pushing contemporary antisemitism and modern blood libels and inciting religious hatred, including messages

  • suggesting that Israel is a regime that adheres to “the global project of Islamophobia and persecution” of Muslims.
  • calling Israel a ‘genocidal state”, promoting the ethnic cleansing and apartheid lie, and implying that the UK should invade Israel.
  • justifying war crimes and the indiscriminate terrorists rocket attacks on Israel.

We also found a post on her Facebook page trivalising the Holocaust and implying that what happened to the Palestinians is same as the Shoah. Utterly abhorrent.

Dr Claudia Radiven is a full-time lecturer at the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds since September 2021, and she held the position of a teaching fellow at the same school previous to this appointment. We will be writing to the University demanding she is removed from her position.

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